France Quirin DO

Registered Osteopath 


Qualified in 1996

Previously a Registered Nurse for 10 years. A highly experienced Osteopath,qualified in application of Cranial Osteopathy to complement his direct body manipulative skills. 

He has worked with all types of clients, all ages ,from 9 weeks to 90 years old. Professional athletes and dancers, clients with life limiting pathology to include Muscular Dystrophy, and HIV/AIDS.

He also applies expertly, nutrition, hypnotherapy and self detoxification processes where necessary (nutrition approach) . The philosophy of the practice is based on Mindfulness (development of self awareness)  and Phenomenology (consciousness experienced from first person point of view) , this foundation empowers the clients to build on the health education and physical treatments applied at spinalsolutions. Clients may find they begin a journey of self development which means they become partners in their own treatment programs. Exercise , nutrition , meditation , physical manipulation of the spine etc become part of a model of health.   .France has a special interest in Chronic Disease ,Post Viral Syndrome and ME/CFS.